How to Apply Online Voter Identity Cards ?

Indian citizen right in accordance with the Indian Constitution also say that, every one has right to takes a voter’s ID card. Indian citizen above age 18 years will be permitted to apply through application to get a voter ID/ election card. It allows Indian citizen to participate in Indian democratic election process and it functions as valid identification verification for various purpose like applying in aadhar card, pan card and opening bank accounts. Broadly speaking people defer using for just one as a result of this long drawn out application procedure.

Now it had possible to submit an application to get a voter’s card just before to an election, either national or local. ECI has taken new steps, the Election Commission of India has now made it even much easier to make an application to get a voter’s card by the convenience of one’s house through online process.

Benefits of Applying Online Voter ID through ECI Website

Much benefits will happen if you applied for online voter ID so some benefits are listed in below section so check.

Comfort: This really could be the largest benefit of the web application procedure. At this time you don’t need to visit to the electoral office on your constituency to apply for the proper application. This section used to explain an in very  basis for How to apply to the card, since quite a few failed to understand where their electoral office had been located, or failed to find the opportunity some sort throughout business hours that makes difficult to do in office hours. so the web method going on , voters may irritate with this particular annoyance. People should download voter id application through online platform and fill it by sitting home. As you all process are online then to track voter ID is available on official website.

Fast processing : the applying procedure goes faster once you apply online. Applying on the web will give that your voter ID could be sent to your door step at one month or two, rather than the normal application process that will require more.

Process to Do Online Voter Registration through ECI Website

Online enrollment means to apply for fresh Voter ID in straightforward. you need to do is visit into the Election Commission of India (ECI) home page and also the state commission site for voter enrollment. The online website includes every thing that you want to know and have to understand more about the election process from India, from electoral rolls into the election programs for up coming elections throughout the nation. There are quite a few application you have to submit online, dependent on the service you want to avail. These include name modification, addition of name in electoral roll for living in India, in addition to different forms for anyone that live over seas and members of their military, people in government assistance, etc.. You may need to choose application form for fresh voter registration and which is Type 6.

To make the things you have to pick National Voters Service Portal at the site of ECI site.It is better way to do by using ECI official website.

Steps to Apply Online for Voter ID, Check Full Process

  •  Applicant must visit the official website of the Election Commission of India.
  • You can also Click on National Voters Services website.
  • Click on “Apply online for registration of new voter”.
  • Enter details and upload the required documents.
  •  Click on “Submit”.
  • Wit one or two months to get at you address
  • in between, you can check status of Voter ID Online

When you publish, you may get a message on the email address which you have submitter though the online platform. This email will have a link into your Voter’s ID webpage. You are going to have the ability to keep track of your voter ID application by means of these pages, also you ought to receive your Voter ID card at monthly from the application.